Euroffice’s Tidy Desk Day

Euroffice’s Tidy Desk Day

At the risk of hyperbole, there’s been a perfect storm at Euroffice recently when it comes to tidying desks.

First someone pointed out a Metro article that claimed that untidy desks can have a negative impact on productivity and make you look bad in front of colleagues (unprofessional).

Then someone else found a blog by a life coach, Rachelle Disbennett-Lee PhD, who talks about ‘declaring a day‘: picking a date each year to represent something special to you or your family.

(Perhaps you’d invent ‘paper plates day’ where you have a sumptuous meal at home, but no-one has to do the washing up.  Or a ‘comfortable shoes day’ where you can wear trainers in the office.)

Anyway, some bright spark put the two together and came up with Euroffice #TidyDeskDay, when everyone in the office is encouraged to sort out their workspace.

They can get themselves a desk tidy and a drawer tidy, use computer/desk wipes to clean their screen, take all those old documents to the shredder – just make sure the office fan doesn’t blow the paper everywhere – and dust off the office chair.

(And if you’re studying for a workplace qualification, useful in a quiet job market, make sure you’ve got a new year academic diary to hand.)

I think it’s a ‘neat’ idea, but I also wonder if for some people it may be like fighting their essential nature.   Some of us, myself included, are just messy.  We want to have a tidy desk and we’re envious of people that do, but we just can’t maintain that level of order.

Perhaps I should invent a ‘Turn your desk into a tip day’, so that I feel better.  What do you think?

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  3. Euroffice Customer at 10:07 am

    The worst is when you get back off holiday and some else has tidied your desk….no one ever admits to it and its months before you can find anything

  4. Euroffice Customer at 10:06 am

    There’s someone in the office with OCD. His desk is always clutter free. You can only see two monitors and a laptop!

  5. Euroffice Customer at 10:05 am

    I find it impossible to do my workload with an un-tidy desk and i wish fellow workers here would follow my example. More often than not I get called to fix a problem and spend 90% of the time just trying to get at it !!

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