Top 10 Printers

Top 10 Printers

We’ve compiled a list of the Top Ten best selling printers available at Euroffice, so you can see which models are most popular with our customers.

We’ve tried to keep it simple and fun, though for the tech-heads out there we’ve also found a good list of some useful printing and print management apps on iOS and Android devices.

Brother MFCJ4610DW

Do people love this ultra compact inkjet for its multi-function personality -( it’s a printer, a fax and a photocopier) – or its compact size? Maybe it’s all of the above. As Euroffice customer Murray25 said: “I bought this a month ago and it’s been my best purchase of 2014! Wonderful design, works perfectly in my office but also good for everyday home usage.”

Samsung CLP-415NW

How many pages do you need to print a month in your office? Have a guess – is it 1,000? Let’s push it up a bit and say 3,000. How about 40,000? Yep, the monthly duty cycle on this Samsung is a staggering forty thousand pages. Honestly, if you’re getting through that much paper each month, apart from having a printing addiction, you must have a printer that won’t buckle under the pressure.

Canon PIXMA MG6450

Canon’s PIXMA range has a well-deserved reputation for high quality photo printing and the MG6450 is no different. Even better than that, it prints clouds! Hot day in the office? Just hook one of these up and make it rain. Ah, no… Sorry. It has cloud printing, so you can print documents and photos straight from online albums, social networks and cloud storage.

Epson WorkForce WF-3520DWF

This multi-function beastie has Automatic Document Feeding, so you can load multi-page documents into your printer and scan or copy them without having to stand there and feed each page in manually. But, for me, the best feature is that it looks like something Darth Vader would use. What is thy bidding, my master?

HP Photosmart 5520

Budding photographer? Then you’ll love the Photosmart 5520. Its colour print resolution is 4800 x 1200, so you’ll have sharp samples of all your snaps. (Assuming you didn’t take a blurry photo;-) There are other reasons to love it, too.

Euroffice customer Jenks said: “I bought it for my [daughter’s homework] on her iMac and [I like] the fact it looks smart and works wirelessly.”

Lexmark CX410DE

I appreciate the simple look of this Lexmark. It’s as if the company’s art department took a day off and left the engineers in charge. But there’s also fashion to this function; the CX410DE allows users to enter #PANTONE numbers for accurate colour reproduction in prints. Oh, and one other thing. You can modify the printer so it holds up to 1450 sheets of paper. S’lotta colour.

Brother HL3140CW

Ever left an embarrassing personal document on your office printer by mistake? You should have used an HLF3140CW.  Its ‘Secure Print‘ option allows you to password protect documents, so only those with the code can print them.

Note: Euroffice does not condone using workplace printers for unofficial use. Nobody here has ever done that. Nope :-\

Samsung M2825DW

Have you ever had a printer that liked to procrastinate? You know what I’m talking about; it thinks, grumbles, whirrs and beeps for ten minutes before doing anything.  Well, with the M2825DW you can get from hitting the print button to gleaming printed document  in less than 8.5 seconds when it’s in Ready Mode.

(If you don’t tell anyone how quick it is, you can still use a print job as an excuse to take a sneaky break…and Nope we at Euroffice don’t condone this either….erm..just bear with me one minute I need to print this to proof read…..)

Brother HL-4150CDN

Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh. Whoosh.

That’s the sound of the high speed HL-4150 printing 22 mono pages per minute. Don’t take my word for it, here’s Euroffice customer Vicks: “[The] print quality is excellent and quick compared to other colour printers we have used in the past.”

Canon PIXMA MX925

Have you ever had a printer run out of ink and wished you could somehow give it a bigger tank? With the MX295, you can. And that tank is pretty darn big.   With optional XXL monochrome ink, this Canon can print up to 1,000 pages without needing a refill.

To put out it another way, that’s five kilos of A4 80gsm paper. Or if you want to measure it in royal babies, that’s heavier than #Prince #George when he was born.

When Prince George starts pre-school, smartphones and apps will be an everyday thing for him. But in this incredibly smooth segue, I get to mention how they’re still a little bit unusual when it comes to printers.

That trend is changing through, with more and more manufacturers allowing users to control their devices with smartphones and to print and manage documents in the cloud.

One of my colleagues found a useful little article on this subject – it lists some popular apps for wireless printing. There are too many to mention here, but why not check it out and see what you think?

Good apps for smart printing


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  10. Neon at 7:56 am

    I’m surprised to see only one HP printer made the list as we swear by them here, but like many things I’m open to testing new products. If a printer can deliver the same or better quality for a cheaper price, then it becomes the benchmark to beat !!

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