English as she is spoke

English as she is spoke
It was Oscar Wilde who said we have everything in common with America, except language. I don’t think that he ever worked in office supplies, but we do know that Stateside, our common all garden stationery products have totally different names. (If the office wag tells you that ‘rubber’ is US slang for condom, erase it from your memorybank.)

So, in true transatlantic spirit, we’re setting up a little wordwatch, pairing up English and American names for stationery and office items. Here’s your starter of six:

Drawing pins Thumb tacks
bin Trash can
Guillotine Paper cutter
Notice board Bulletin board
Torch Flashlight
Trolley Cart

Send us your suggestions and we’ll add them to the list – if you’ve got a story to go with it, even better. And we’d love to hear of examples from other countries, not just the US – this could be the start of something big…

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