Eight businesses that love Easter

Customers’ going on holiday and shops shutting for the day doesn’t sound great for business.   But could some companies actually like the Easter break?

I was sent this list of eight industries that thrive at Easter and thought I should share some of it.  If you want to see what the others are, just check out the link at the end.  And if you can think of any examples yourself, why not share them in comments or let us know on Twitter @eurofficecouk


If you’ve not heard of Peeps, they’re a type of American marshmallow in the shape of bunnies and chicks.   While they’re popular all year round, you can imagine that they sell particularly well at Easter.   People also like to stage photos of Peeps recreating scenes from films.  Search for ‘peep impact’ and you’ll see what I mean.  (You might stumble across photos of Peeps in microwaves.  Poor things.)

Fancy dress

Fancy dress shops have to see an increase in bunny costume rentals, right?  Either for adults to fool their children, or to wear before a night out that’s got a lot of spirits, but perhaps not much Easter.  Actually, October is the big draw for fancy dress.  The ‘retail party goods’ market is supposed to be worth £5.9 billion a year worldwide and more than 60% of that is from Halloween.


Yes, it’s obvious, but it’s also big business. I read that in 2012 the UK spent £2.5 billion on chocolates and Easter is estimated to account for 10% of yearly sales.   I always got given big Cadbury chocolate eggs at Easter, normally from my grandmother.  However I was never a fan of Creme Eggs, since I always thought they were a bit weird.  What’s your favourite Easter & chocolate memory?

Easter Business Boom


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  1. Euroffice Customer at 4:26 pm

    Maybe I’m weird, but I eat my hot cross buns cold without anything. Actually, maybe I’m lazy.

  2. Euroffice Customer at 4:23 pm

    Only thing better than a creme egg at easter is the hot cross bun, cover it in real butter and OMG – BLISS !!

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