Decorate your storage boxes

Plastic needn’t be plain

We’ve written before about using wallpaper to decorate cardboard boxes, giving your office a bit of style (and helping storage blend in, if necessary).  Well, if you want to make the office look a bit more swish, but don’t want too much trouble, why not customise a plastic storage box instead?

It’s very simple: get a piece of wallpaper or fabric and tape it to the inside of the box.  That’s it.   If you want to make a real impression, you could take a favourite photo, print an enlarged version spread over several pieces of paper and use that.  (A picture of a face could be quite arresting done this way.)

Over the last few years TV decorating shows have extolled the virtue of the ‘accent wall’ – not one that speaks in French, but a wall that looks different to others in the room.  If you have enough plastic boxes, you could approximate that look by decorating all of them this way.

What kind of design would you go for?

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