Dear #StuckInTheOffice Diary,

Dear #StuckInTheOffice Diary,

I wake up early, with the warm summer sun streaming through the windows of my …. West London flat.

Outside, a soft warm breeze has the palm trees swaying under a cerulean sky. Ok, fine. They aren’t palm trees. They’re plum trees… Same thing.

Enjoying summer is about being prepared for anything. Namely, swimming. Thankfully, London has a wealth of majestic and modern water features just waiting to be swum in on a hot, sunny lunch hour. With this is mind, I make sure I pack a swimming costume into my work (beach) bag. Check out a few of my favorite London ‘Play Fountains’

Stuckintheoffice Euroffice

On the way to the office I take the scenic route and check out a few places I haven’t seen before, soaking up as much sun as I can whilst walking through leafy avenues and the parks of Central London. With a pineapple coconut smoothie in hand I could be anywhere in the world. Thoughts of St. Tropez flitter through my mind….

Summer holidays are all about relaxing and taking it easy; being comfortable and soaking up as many rays as possible. When I get to work, I slip off my shoes and put my feet up. I make sure my desktop background features the most tropical island I can imagine, put my sunglasses on and laze back in my chair.

Being #StuckintheOffice isn’t so bad after all….

Stuck in the office relaxing at Euroffice



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  6. Neon at 7:43 am

    I’m a sun worshipper too, have been disappointed with some of the summers recently but plans are in place when the time comes to retire to the sun !!

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