Dear #StuckInTheOffice Diary – #TheHangover Edition

Dear #StuckInTheOffice Diary – #TheHangover Edition

Dear #StuckInTheOffice Diary,

Hang on a minute… Something’s not right here. I’m in the office, yes, but all is not as it should be.

For starters: I’m not sitting at my desk. I’m … underneath it. Judging by the notebooks I’ve arranged in a pillow-like formation, it would appear that I’ve actually slept here.

We had our Office Summer Party last night … but that doesn’t explain this?!

A quick check around the office soon reveals that there are others in the same situation as me. I also find that the entire office is completely out of order

For one thing, we seem to have acquired a Barclay’s bike… Not to mention there are computers in all the wrong places, the printer is missing, and people’s chairs and stationery have all been swapped around, causing total chaos and confusion.

Thinking on my feet, I whip out my phone and start checking back through photos, videos and messages from the night before. Everything starts piecing together… I quickly tell everyone to check their phones and report back with what they find:

The design team have a collection of photos of Banksy-esque drawings which they appear to have created themselves, using #Sharpies on big blank canvases. According to the incriminating snaps, they’ve gone and posted these canvases all around the city…

It doesn’t take long until the IT department owns up to shifting all the desks around. Sheepishly, they start unplugging all the computers again and moving them back to where they belong…

Our Social Media Executive checks Twitter and what do you know?! The content team has been tweeting all sorts of viral messages throughout the night – and judging by the photos we find on our phones, we’ve been making a huge song and dance about our brand, all around the streets of London…

Just as we’re discussing the events amongst ourselves, the CEO walks in the door…. We all fall silent and try to look busy. He stops and stares around the room, a wide grin plastered across his face, then asks:

“So, how did you all enjoy the hypnotist last night?”

And just like that, the mystery is solved!


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  4. Willow at 5:45 pm

    Maybe this explains why my mum came home last night and put her finest fillet steak in my bowl and painted my nails in Cherry Red! Not to mention putting post-it notes on all the neighbours front doors with little #CherryDoodles on each. Hehehe

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