Choose Your Bank Holiday Adventure

Choose Your Bank Holiday Adventure

Is your #BankHoliday weekend going according to plan?

Bank holidays always create a sense of anticipation.  A checklist of hopes and mini-dreams that you might be able to accomplish.

Think back to your initial plan for the weekend. Which one did you go for?


1. The BBQ Time Machine

You’re going to fire up the BBQ, get some beer in, and have a nice, long day wallowing in memories with old school friends.


2. The Lie In Party

It’s three days of doing exactly what you want: putting your feet up, wandering around in your dressing gown, eating randomly from the fridge.


3. The Beach Bum

You’ll become a sun goddess, lying on a beach, propped up with your favourite books and music, sipping an umbrella-and-ice drink.


4. The Grown Up Time-Out

The children are packed off to the grandparents. You and your partner are going to catch up on all those sweet nothings…


5. The Fixer Upper

You’ve been to the hardware shop, and you’ve got three days to tick off all those jobs on the DIY list.



Now bring yourself back to the present. Are you doing everything you wanted over the bank holiday?  What are the best bits?  Let us know in the comments.


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  1. janine atkin at 11:13 pm

    We had a strict dress code for this bank holiday weekend – pyjamas and slippers only. Pizza night went with only a minor hiccup (put a pizza in and forgot). A smoke alarm drama, some towel wafting and one spare pizza later food was served.
    Tomorrow we shall face reality – boo hoo. It was good while it lasted 🙂

    • Euroffice Team at 9:08 am

      LOL Awesome, sounds very much like what a few of us did, thankful for the rain because had it been sunny we would have all been more inclined to go out and ‘do bank holiday stuff’ and wouldn’t have rested as much. Seems like everyone in general took this option, the train this morning was half-full of very relaxed, lethargic commuters…Have a great week. #BackToReality…yawn!

  2. Anonymous at 1:01 pm

    Well…we planned to do something ‘fun’..’memorable’…we ended up doing the 3 days of lounging in PJs and slippers, grazing from fridge and takeaways… Did we waste the BH weekend? Naaaa! It’s been the best few days we’ve had in a long time. We got to enjoy what we work so hard for.. Nice house, garden, big TV and full fridge. #WhatLifeIsAllAbout

    • Inksmith at 11:22 am

      Have you ever tried one of those slanket things? They’re fantastic for lounging. Pair that with PJs and slippers and you’ve got one amazing cocoon.

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