Chinese desk-a-way

Chinese desk-a-way

Would you arrange your office desk according to feng shui?

To me, feng shui seems like interior design with added mysticism. But given China’s importance as a trading and financial partner, even businesses that don’t believe in it might be wise to read up.

While I won’t assume that every Chinese person knows about feng shui, if you’re planning on doing business over there – or outsourcing it – then arranging your office desk according to its principles might just be noticed by your contacts in a meeting.

The first rule of feng shui office desk placement is perhaps the most obvious:

  • Position the desk facing the door. Apparently this is the ‘power position’ – long walks up to big desks are something that potentates have used for many years as a subtle means of asserting power.

Once your office desk is in place, attention moves to what objects should be on it and where they should be placed.

Apparently, different corners of the desk represent different aspects of life, so correct placement is supposed to be beneficial to you in and out of the office.

Again, the mystical aspect of feng shui isn’t something that chimes with me. But I do believe that learning about other cultures and other points of view isn’t just good for the mind, it could be good for business.

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