I’m sure by now that most of you have seen the film ‘Up’, the latest offering from Disney Pixar (If you haven’t, I strongly recommend it – and make sure you have some tissues handy!). In it, the lead character ties a whole heap of helium balloons to his house, takes off and flies to South America. Well, let me introduce Jonathan Trappe, a technical project manager from North Carolina. After 2 years of training and spending somewhere in the region of £45,000, Mr Trappe used 55 helium balloons to soar to nearly 15,000 feet – by tying them to his Office Chair!
Flying Office Chair
His mini-adventure which took roughly 3 hours carried him over 60 miles. (OK, so it’s not quite South America, but I’m still impressed!) He successfully descended his chair by carefully popping some of the helium balloons with a knife, scary stuff. Mr. Trappe is now busy planning his next adventure: Using his Balloon chair to cross the channel! And he still uses the same trusty office chair every day at work!

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