Celebrate Cherry Monday with 2-4-1 offers

Celebrate Cherry Monday with 2-4-1 offers

We’re declaring today Cherry Monday: the happiest Monday of the year. Why? Because we can. Yay!

The idea for #CherryMonday came about because of #BlueMonday. This is a thing that’s been popular for a few years – the idea that one Monday in January is the most depressing day of the year.

The problem is that Blue Monday isn’t real. It was reported as news, it was reported as fact, but it ain’t either. It was invented to sell holidays.

If they’re going to invent unhappy days, we’re going to create a happy one instead. Hence Cherry Monday (or #HappyMonday if you fancy). After all, the Euroffice cherry stands for being cheery, upbeat and the better than the rest  – and red is the colour of fun and passion, right?

To help celebrate Cherry Monday, we’ve come up with some 2-4-1  offers using red and multicoloured products. See anything you like?

A4 Black n Red notebooks – Pack of 5

Using good quality 90gsm paper, this notebook can be laid flat, making it easier to write on the whole of the page. And if you’re one for daydreaming, why not use its time zone map for travel inspiration?



Paper-mate Flexgrip Retractable Ball Pen Red – Pack of 12

If you’re into colour coordination, why not pair the Black N Red notebook with a red Paper-mate Flexgrip pen?   We love all sorts of pens, but sometimes you just can’t beat a good ballpoint. Even better is that this comes in ‘55% recycled material’, so you can help save the planet.



Euroffice Highlighters – Wallet of 6

Bring some brightness to your workplace with these highlighters from our Essentials Range. As well as being great for marking passages in documents, you can also use them to personalise iPhones.   Who said you can’t be stylish when #stuckintheoffice?



Sharpies – Pack of 4

If you’ve got a spare moment at the office, why not experiment with some Sharpie tattoos? If you’re going to meet friends for drinks after work, turn up with some new art on your arm.  Isn’t happiness about trying new things?



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  1. Neon at 4:02 pm

    Well top of the list would be the HP 05x Toner cartridges, preferably the dual pack as these offer so much more value. A close second would have to be the Epson A3 Photo Quality inkjet paper, our designers simply will not touch anything else !! Next I would have to recommend the pack of 100 Imation CD disks, so easy to use and rarely let us down. 4th is the 5 star General cleaning wipes, perfect for cleaning monitors, printers, keyboards and mice… And finally in the top 5 is the Integral Courier 32GB Flash Drive, I know everyone here likes this product as they always borrow mine and never return it !!!!

    • Euroffice Team at 3:51 pm

      Hi Neon, As one of our loyal viewers we thought it maybe nice if you suggest some of your favourite products and we’ll weave them into a post ‘Inspired by Neon’ 🙂

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