Business card holders for nerds

As you probably know, we sell business card holders, although our range could never be described as boring it is not quite as unique as some that I found on the Geek Stuff website


videogame business card holdersI’m not sure these would be appropriate for every meeting you go to, but if you’ve got a reputation as a nerd, then you might be able to get away with these videogame-themed business card holders. The first is a Pac Man game themed business card holder – an all time classic by anyone’s standards.



video game business card holder

Or for the retro hardware enthusiast we have a SEGA 16 bit gaming computer which should spark a conversation with anyone between 30 and 4 years old on Daly Thompson’s Decathlon, Horris goes ski-ing etc (Ok I actually had a ZX spectrum).


I found these over at GeekStuff4U, which, alas, looks like it’s a company based in Japan. But if enough people leave comments saying they like them, we’ll see if we can buy one to give away. We’re lovely like that. Yes.

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