Brand new paper

Euroffice has launched its very first branded product – a high-quality, eco-friendly paper. You could say it was a natural choice for us  – we know the paper we sell has an environmental impact and we thought it was time for us to produce our own ‘greener’ product.

Of course, green could mean any number of things. First of all, we buy the paper directly from Finland, which leads the way in eco-conscious production. In terms of raw materials, there is less water and energy used, fewer chemicals, and the pulp comes from forests that are replanted to be sustainable.

Then there’s the paper mill itself, which has an ISO 14001. In plain English this means it meets strict international standards on environmental management. And finally, this Finnish paper is the only one in its category to appear on the FTSE4good index for corporate social responsibility and  the Dow Jones Sustainability Index. That’s quite an achievement.

Now comes the best bit. Because we want our customers to be able to use eco-friendly products, we have decided to peg the price, so that it is lower than our other paper products. We’re paying more and taking the hit, so that you can buy a quality, eco-friendly paper that won’t cost the earth.

This is a great multi-purpose paper that you can use for laser, inkjet and copier printers. But utility, price and eco-credentials apart, there is one other goo

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