Best to watch your #!&@*$% mouth!

It seems more and more company directors are letting office formalities slide when it comes to appropriate and inappropriate language.  But they might want to watch their mouths – and have a quiet word with others who might speak before they think.

A new survey shows that tolerance for offensive jokes and swearing in the workplace is on the rise.  Of the over 270 company directors surveyed by communications consultancy The Aziz Corporation, about half said mild swearing in internal meetings is acceptable and 1 in 5 is willing to tolerate strong swearing.

Furthermore, politically incorrect jokes are still viewed as acceptable – when told amongst colleagues – by 47 per cent of the directors surveyed.
And, dude, slang is, like, considered totally wicked and stuff round the workplace – in office meetings too, innit – like 64 per cent of respondents saying they’re cool wit it, yo.

It may seem like fun and games – until the offensive language rubs up employees and colleagues the wrong way.  Not only can it create an uncomfortable atmosphere in the office, it can also result in some serious consequences for the management.
Best to grab the soap and wash out the office’s mouth now before it gets someone into trouble.

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