Back to Work – Survival Kit – Bear Necessities!

Back to Work – Survival Kit – Bear Necessities!

After making #OfficeResolutions, we can help you gear up for work again with a #BacktoWork #SurvivalKit – stock up on supplies for the winter and weather ahead!


Can you imagine starting the day without a shot of caffeine? Struggling in to work through snow and sleet, being welcomed by a grey office and overcast skies – only to have to warm yourself up with a glass of hot water?

No, this will not do. This must not stand. Stock up on coffee and tea.


Going back to work isn’t just about getting in stationery supplies, it’s also about stocking up on the tasty treats we so richly deserve. Biscuits, sweets and chocolate to keep you happy through the 9-5.

(Talking of chocolate, because the days are getting colder it won’t melt as quickly – you can eat more of it before it starts melting on your fingers.)


Whether they realise it or not, everyone wants a fountain pen. For decades, these mighty instruments have been a sign of style and substance; something to take out in a meeting to show you mean business. I mean, can you imagine world leaders signing peace treaties with a Biro? Treat yourself to an early Christmas present for more presence in the office.


As the days get shorter and colder, we’re going to be spending more time at our desks. That, in turn, means more post-lunch crumbs, spilled drinks and general build up of office grime.

Yes, you can spend the winter surrounded by detritus like some kind of office bear preparing necessities for hibernation, but why not keep the place spick and span instead?


I put this in the same kind of semi-luxury category as fountain pens: Moleskine-style notebooks with elasticated bookmarks and an internal pocket.   Again, it’s just a little sign that you’re doing things differently to most people. And the pocket is surprisingly useful for things like business cards and expenses’ bills.

Do you need one? Maybe. Does it feel good to use one? Yes.


Sticky notes are a #BackToWork essential for a couple of reasons. First, they’re resplendent with possibility – just waiting for your ideas and flashes of inspiration. Second, a monitor with an array of sticky notes along the bottom is like something from the Mexican Día de Muertos; a candy-coloured display in a monochrome season.


What do you think of our little list of #BackToWork Essentials? Let us know in the comments and tell us about any must-haves that you can think of.


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  1. Ashton at 8:22 pm

    Back to work and our children are back to school, it’s a relief and who doesn’t live a refresh of desk supplies, all nice and neat. I always start my new note pads with the best of intentions with my best hand writing and somewhere around page 20ish, my handwriting becomes rushed and the dating pages stops… Oh and the scribbling of odd doodles begin….

    • Inksmith at 9:28 am

      Yes, what is it about handwriting that means it always starts out good and goes wonky? Somewhere there’s a magical person who can write quickly *and* neatly.

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