Are you betting on the Grand National?

When I was a child, the Grand National was the day my gran gambled.  I thought of her because there’s an office sweepstake for this year’s race.

My grandmother never put down very much, perhaps £5, and chose horses and jockeys not on their form, but their names (I don’t think she ever won anything). It became an annual event, where we’d gather round the TV and cheer and sigh as we watched the race.

Shared experiences like these are just as important for offices as they are for families. They’re a great way to have a bit of collective fun and create happy memories. The Grand National is tomorrow, 5 April, so it’s not too late to organise a sweepstake. If you’re feeling particularly flush perhaps you can have a ‘lucky loser’ where, for each horse you pick that doesn’t place, you give the money to charity.  (Obviously you’d only do this in the office – no bookie needed.)

So, go on, indulge in your inner gambler. Even though you may be secretly hoping that you’ve picked the winner and swept the board, you’ll enjoy sharing the thrill of the chase whatever happens.

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  1. Euroffice Customer at 4:55 pm

    First time i ever went into a bookies i thought it was a right old desolate place, now they have free tea and coffee and toffees laid out for you… Keep the punters happy and they will keep coming back I guess !!

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