Are You a Stationery Geek?

Are You a Stationery Geek?

Some people view their pens simply as functional tools to be used for the simple task of writing, but I think most of the nation [correct me if I’m wrong] have their favourites and secretly adore their pen. Have a look around and see what kind of pen the people around you are using.

Before you do, have a guess at what % of your office is using a simple office biro and then check some of your colleagues and see if you were right.

In our office I was quite surprised to see the number of rollerball pens, ball point pens and even some high quality executive pens.

Being an office supplies company we may be unique – but I have a feeling that we are not!

I usually do a little bulk order for my colleagues to introduce them into my world of pens, and I do make good choices for them. To me I think the best in the market for everyday use is the Uni-ball rollerball pen,

Rubber grip is nice, but “coolness” comes first. I leave my snazzy Parker collection at home, more to admire than actually use.

But work means disposable so I always tend to stick to gel rollerball pens, as I like the way they glide onto the page. Why does everyone seem to buy certain brands, are they just stationery geeks like me, or did someone order it for them?

Why do you buy the things that you do, are you just as style conscious with stationery as you are with clothes? – let us know



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