Are shorts acceptable attire for the office?

What a change a bit of sun makes – as soon as the summer begins the UK seems to suddenly switch to a completely different mentality and way of behaving – but how does this behavior translate into the workplace?

It’s great to see everyone suddenly taking their time in getting where they need to go, smiling and saying hello to strangers and stripping off to the bare essentials in clothing.

But how acceptable is it to bring this attitude into the workplace? Surely there is some positivity in the more relaxed attitude of people and how this may temper stressful workplaces when it is sunny but then does it also breed a more lackadaisical approach to work where staff are constantly dreaming about life on the outside?

To try and gauge peoples general opinion on this change in attitude we are running a poll on our homepage to see whether or not you think that it is appropriate to wear shorts in the office.

I chose this simply because a number of staff rocked up in shorts today and thought that it was a good talking point but we would be interested to hear more general opinions around the topic.


Are shorts acceptable attire for the office?
yes, it helps to create a more relaxed environment
No, it breeds a more lackadaisical approach to work
Not bothered either way
This poll closed on 02/06/2010

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