A vending machine for chips?

According to a BBC article, a sports centre in Hull has removed a chip vending machine after concerns were raised by some people using the sports centre. Irony of the situation aside, did anyone else know that a vending machine for chips existed?

If you’re like me, you probably grew bored of your nearest machine’s contents very quickly – everyone knows that getting snacks during the day is an act of desperation; a chocolate to fill you up a bit followed by a sugar slump in the afternoon.

I think vending machines should have fruit, nuts, salads and so on. Things that will stop you feeling hungry, are good for you and which will release energy slowly; we can have treats and snacks too, but let’s not have the high-sugar, high-fat stuff exclusively.

Of course if you disagree with me, there are plenty of snack machines out there to sate all your desires – and probably some you never thought of.


Ice cream!



People! (Sort of.)

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