5 Tips for dealing with failure in the office

5 Tips for dealing with failure in the office


What is the best organiser, the best commander, for marshalling your mental forces in the face of failure?


Germany’s 7-1 thumping of #Brazil last night got me thinking about failure and how to deal with it.  I found some good tips from a clinical psychologist on how to stay productive and confident when suffering defeat.


To my reading the underlying theme is keeping a record of your successes as a way to boost your confidence – that’s where having an organiser comes in.


Fight distorted thinking


Failing at something can distort your view of the task and of your skills.  Don’t buy into that mindset – be persistent and optimistic.


Remember you’re still worthy

Write down the qualities that have allowed you to do your job well in the past – those same talents will help in the future.


Continue to take risks

Failure can make us wary of trying new ideas and strategies, the very things that lead to new successes.  Don’t risk the future because of the past.


Focus on what you can control

In the future, plan more thoroughly, prepare more diligently and figure out where you can work smarter, not harder.


The best organiser for the office isn’t the biggest or most compact.  It isn’t plain or luxurious.  It’s simply the one where you recorded all the things you’ve achieved and will remind you that you can fight your way out of defeat and disappointment.





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  2. Euroffice Customer at 12:54 pm

    The old adage of “you learn from your mistakes” rings true, as most mistakes are made due to lack of experience. And you can only gain the experience by making the mistakes.

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