2nd July is ‘I Forgot Day’

2nd July is ‘I Forgot Day’

How many times have you had to hold up your hands and say ‘I forgot to…[do something important]?‘.  Well today you can make it up. 

‘I forgot day’ (IFD) is the day when you can fess up for any sins of forgetfulness like oh, you know, getting those tickets for the #Nadal / #Kyrgios match at #Wimbledon.

And as IFD enthusiasts say (surely tongue in cheek), even those events that you think you might forget in the future.

The latter is a get-out clause if ever there were one. But this is an interesting concept. Make one day in the year guilt-free, when you acknowledge and make up for those times that you have failed in your duty to remember something. This may work at home or in your social circle, if you have forgiving family/friends who would happily accept your apologies. And of course you could do something to make it up to them and set things right.

But could such a strategy be as effective in the office? Would it be beneficial to a business if a single day were designated for staff to reveal or acknowledge that they had forgotten to do something and get it done on that day – issue that invoice/update product prices/meet a deadline?

An annual apology would be of little use, I think. But it’s good practice to have a workplace culture where staff feel comfortable enough to apologise for things that they have overlooked.  And if all else fails, just pick up a guitar and sing.


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