The Romance of Stationery

The Romance of Stationery

Stationery – Noun
writing materials, such as paper, envelopes, and pens

USAGE: Avoid confusion with stationary.

Definition from  The Free Dictionary

Our website certainly has an abundance of paper, envelopes and pens, which have become indispensable for office life.

However,why don’t we, just for a minute, return to the everyday humble beginnings of the use for paper, envelopes and pens?

Perhaps it is because I am far from home, but those three words combine in my mind to form an image that’s slightly more romantic than the chewed ballpoint pen I’m using to write on the acid green sticky note closest at hand. Rather, it conjures images of unrequited love, handwritten and posted with anticipation of a reply. Or the doorbell ringing as the postman (cue Postman Pat theme here) delivers long awaited news of a son, brother, husband or father away at war.

There is nothing more exciting these days than receiving ‘real’ mail – something that doesn’t arrive in a manilla window envelope with a franked corner that we choose to ignore for months on end.

We leave that  poor lonely thing sitting on the hall sideboard wallowing in self-pity, and instead we snatch up the cream coloured non-standard size envelope (which sticks out from the rest like a sore thumb) with the handwritten address.

So, do you write personal letters and send them to friends? Or do you prefer to keep up with modern technology and use whatever latest tool is available to keep in touch? Would you like me to send you a handwritten letter?

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