10 things to do to escape the World Cup

10 things to do to escape the World Cup

Football, eh?  For those who #loveit, it’s full of romance and drama, while for others it’s just a load of balls (and penalties).  If you’re in the latter camp and #hateit, here are 10 things to keep you entertained during the World Cup.


Dig into a documentary

Fancy some real drama?  There are loads of great documentaries on Lovefilm, Netflix and YouTube.  How about one involving beauty queens, mormons and handcuffs?   Here’s a trailer.



Get a virtual haircut

Here’s something you can do in the office while people are going on about the game.  Put your headphones in, close your eyes and listen to this. (Crazy but Awesome)



Tickle someone’s tastebuds

While other people are going square-eyed, set your self up with a tasty square meal.  This dish is delicious and super simple to make.



Sit down with a short story

The Last Question is one of the best stories I’ve ever read.  Amazingly, even though it’s about all of human history, you can read it in a lunchtime – or just listen to this audio version.



Get in touch with old friends

What is life without friendship?  Take a moment to reconnect with an old friend and see how they’ve been.  Maybe you’ll find another #footballwidow.



Go for an evening walk

Take a break to rekindle romance and go for an evening walk with someone you care about.   Who knows, you might even get caught in the rain. 😉



Buy the toy you always wanted

Was there ever a present that Father Christmas didn’t bring you? Go and get it on eBay.  What’s the point in being a grown-up if you can’t act like a kid?



Learn a magic trick

Can you see any styrofoam cups lying around?  In 30 seconds you can learn a magic trick to impress your friends (or spill someone’s coffee).  Top hat and cane optional.



Get off at a different station

If you take the tube to work, think of all the stations that you’ve never visited and all the things you haven’t seen.  Why not see what’s out there? Down the road is where I’ll always be.



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